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When we met for the first time, we knew: We were right. Between a man and a woman, you would say it was love at first sight. Between two business partners, it would be more the certainty and the good feeling of having known each other for a very long time. The mission of passing on our life experiences and doing good for as many people as possible connected us from the very beginning. And so, after just a few days of getting to know each other, we founded a joint company, BLOOOMING LIFE GmbH.

The path to get there was initially anything but easy for either of us. We both experienced the highest highs and lowest valleys, only to be rewarded by life with inner change and a wealth of experience. One (John) went through serious illness, the other (Nicholas) through deep emotional distress. We were both led through the grades of life, were able to get to know many facets of the earth, and ultimately always found the same common denominator: nature. The truth within and around us . We learned that true healing lies only in taking responsibility for ourselves. We followed our hearts and our gut feeling, and were rewarded, especially in the stormiest times, with those treasures that enabled us to heal.

Strengthened and liberated, we are passionate about passing on our knowledge of what really counts and is to as many people as possible. Our products contain the combined life experience of two men who are dedicated to one goal: to make life easier for people and to serve the well-being of everyone. Our principles are simple: we provide people with products that we believe to be valuable and useful from our own experience and that we use on ourselves every day. Natural, honest products of the highest available quality . So that people who want to develop their vitality can find the best possible support.

Spread your wings 💗

Nikolaus Lackner & Johannes Klausner

and the entire BLOOOMING LIFE team

PS: Are you in the process of developing your life force? Would you like to help other people do the same? Then get information from us under the menu item "20% partner program" or send us an email to sternenlotos@blooominglife.com - we look forward to hearing from you!