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The Sternenlotos STARGATE is literally a gateway into a new paradigm. The powerful, high vibrational Sternenlotos energy lifts your entire system into a new frequency and guides you into your full true potential, your I AM.

Experience how all kinds of burdens and stress can leave your system in just a few minutes, how you get into your stability, become grounded, realigned and expanded. How you feel vital, relaxed and strengthened. The Sternenlotos STARGATE is a tool of the New Era that allows you to feel the full power of the Sternenlotos on all levels.

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How it works:

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⭐️ What Sternenlotos STARGATE users experience

"Since I have been working as a yoga teacher and Ayurveda masseuse for 25 years, I have studied ourmeridians, nadis and marma points in depth. It is simply brilliant to feel how the effectof the STARGATE cleanses, nourishes and organises these energy channels and energe-tic points.“

Doris, Germany

„Recently I had one of my clients placed on the Sternenlotos Stargate and she has just called me:today she slept through the night for the first time in months (!) and no longer had anysciatic pain - neither massages nor heat treatments had helped before.“

Manfred, Austria